Sunday is Pamper Day! 

One of the best things you could ever do for yourself is self care. We spend all our days caring for everyone around us – spouses, kids, parents, siblings, friends who need us. It’s such a great joy to be able to help the people you love but I believe that in order to give your best self you need to take care of you first. You are the source and your well being is so important because everything you do flows from it.

Every week I reserve Sunday as my day to rest, recuperate and recharge myself for the new upcoming week.

I call it my Pamper day. It’s nothing fancy, really easy to follow and it leaves me feeling relaxed and ready to take on the new week!

Image 1: Fresh faced, straight out of the shower 

Here’s what I do: 

Step 1: 

Deep exfoliation of my face 

I have Oily Combination skin and I for this I use the Clinique exfoliating scrub. It’s good for removing and dead skin cells whilst minimizing pores. 
Image 2: Clinique Exfoliating scrub

Step 2: 

Full body scrub 

A lot of people underestimate the importance of exfoliation the body too. It’s also bound to get dead skin so it’s good to exfoliate to rejuvenate the skin and the circular movements help with blood circulation too! 

For this I use the Beauty Factory’s Tissue Oil Salt and Sugar Body Scrub. I love the smell and it leaves my skin feeling silky soft and squeaky clean!

Image 3: Beauty Factory Tissue Oil Salt and Sugar Scrub 

Step 3:

Face Mask

On top of your standard/ daily 3 step (cleanse, tone, moisturize) it’s important to go the extra mile with a face mask at least once a week. Face masks help to hydrate the skin, pull out impurities, and keep your bare face glowing! 

I love trying out different sachet face masks which you can find at your local pharmacy. My favorite brand for these is the Montagne Jeunesse brand. They have a variety of masks for all skin types in many different flavours. They are affordable and my skin has taken really well to them.

I tried the Tea Tree and Spearmint cloth mask, my skin loved it and I’ve been using it since! I’m prone to breakouts and this has really helped. 

Image 4: Montagne Jeunesse Tea tree cloth mask 

After all of this I slip into some comfy pjs and watch a movie or read a good book. 

What’s your Sunday ritual? Let me know in the comments below.
Till next post!




10 thoughts on “Sunday is Pamper Day! 

  1. Vanesaa says:

    Yeees girl! Body scrub is everything. I use the Body Shop Chocomania Body Scrub, it leaves my skin silky softy and moisturised with a chocolate-y scent. And on masks…I am addicted to the new L’oreal ones. They are doing it for me right now, I must do a giveaway of them on my blog.

    My Sunday evening routine goes something like this; I use Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily scrub, Pore & Shine Daily wash and Oil free Moisturiser. Then L’oreal pure clay masks then I head to my bedroom and plan my blog and instagram posts for the week and I also use the time to respond and catch up on all social media responses.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sandra x She says:

      Lol, ikr! Can’t live without body scrub!!

      Are the L’Oréal ones good for combination skin too? If they are I’ll give them a try!!

      Yass Sunday’s is def. for taking it easy, loving your Sunday routine! ❤️❤️


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