How I got rid of my dark marks 

*NB: Contains graphic images*

So when it comes to the products I use on my skin I am very loyal. Once I find something that my skin loves, I’m not wavering. Don’t get me wrong, I love loove trying out new products and treatments (as you’ll soon find out on this blog) but mostly when I try out a new product it’s to “add to my regimen” rather than to change it. Unless, of course the regimen isn’t working!So I love adding new stuff to my current regimen to get the most out of it. 

Image 1: Beauty Factory Tissue Oil range
But one regimen that has remained untouched and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future is my body cream. I use the Beauty Factory’s Tissue Oil Body range and I absolutely looove it!! I’ve been using this cream since 2012 when they opened up a branch at Clearwater Mall in Johannesburg. And I haven’t wavered!! It is the Holy grail of cream for me. 

Image 2: Shortly after the bites

The Tissue Oil range was my saving grace in 2014 when I relocated to Cape Town from Johannesburg and had a nasty allergic reaction to some insect found there (come to think of it, to this day I still do not know exactly what that insect was 🤔) The bites left me with dark marks all over my back, I was distraught! I started applying the Tissue Oil Body Caviar and the Tissue Oil to my marks every night before bed and a few drops too in my bath. After about a month the marks were visibly faded and shortly after vanished completely. I cannot recommend this Oil enough!! Lawd!! 🙌🏾 You know those girls whom you ask where they bought the cute dress they’re wearing and they suddenly can’t remember?? I’m not one of those girls!! If I know a good product or a great discount happening somewhere you probably have to pay to shut me up! Sharing is caring guys!! Don’t be that person. 

Image 3: Bites healed , and scars already fading from daily use of Tissue Oil 
Image 4: After 2 months scars were completely faded

Anyway back to the reason for this post. I’ve been using the Tissue Oil Body Range since 2012 and what I love most about it is that they have a Body Soufflé and Body Lotion for the summer when it’s hot and you want something light and sheer then they also have the Body Butter which is thicker in consistency and better for winter days when you want something that will nourish dry skin and lock in the moisture. The Caviar and the Tissue Oil are perfect all year round and help with those stubborn marks which creep up from time to time. They recently introduced a Sugar Body Scrub to the range which I use once a week in the shower and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and exfoliated. 

When I moved to New Zealand from South Africa I tried to order some online only to find out that they didn’t have an online store running yet. In a panicked frenzy I called the head office and asked if they wouldn’t mind posting some to me as I’m about to run out and I’m all the way in NZ. They were very accommodating and we managed to arrange a special order just for me! lol 

I hear their online shop is now running which is a huge relief!! 

I find their tag line “From me to me, with love” very fitting. ❤️ 

Till next post!

xx Sandra 
P.s This is not a sponsored post, just giving credit where it’s due. 

Beauty Factory website:

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience with the cream on my scars. Results may vary for each individual 


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    • Sandra x She says:

      Lol, I used to be the same. But with this cream it’s easier because the whole range is Tissue Oil so just using the body butter everyday already helps clear marks. 😊

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