Timeless tan. How to style the Camel coat: Part 2 

Today’s Timeless tan piece is a coat I’ve owned for close to 5 years! I bought this cutey at Forever 21 back in 2012 and it still looks as good as new! This is why I absolutely love the tan trend, it never goes out of style. 

The cut of this coat is more of a formal blazer cut. It’s literally the best of both worlds; perfect for winter days when you need the warmth of a coat but still want to look formal. 

Coat No. 2

Look 1

For this look I’ve teamed the coat up with a pair of formal pants. This look is perfect for the corporate world! 

Coat: Forever 21
Pants: Glassons

Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Look 2

Without changing much I just replaced the formal pants with a pair of jeans. This look is perfect if you have an after work event planned but not enough time to go home and change outfits. Just throw on some blue jeans and you’re ready to go. It’s smart casual yet still very chíc. 

Jeans: Topshop 

What’s your winter wardrobe staple? Let me know in the comments below!
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Timeless Tan : How to style the Camel Coat. Part 1 

My definition of the ideal closet is one that is made up of timeless pieces. An encapsulation of classic items that are not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion. 

When I think of the tan coat that is exactly the image I get; a timeless classic every woman should own. The tan coat is a staple in every wardrobe and is constantly getting re-invented. 

Most of my closet is made up of such pieces. I buy only neutral colours to give my closet longevity and elegance without having to keep purchasing the latest trends. All of the tan coats I’ll be showing in the next few posts have been in my closet for more than two years. Yet I am still able to wear them today and still be just as fashionable. 

I’ve done a Four part lookbook in which I’ll be showing you how I style Four of my favorite tan coats. With each coat I’ll show you two or three ways of dressing the coat up. 

This week we are focusing on the ankle length tan coat. I purchased this from Boohoo back in 2015. I absolutely love this coat, it’s like the gift that keeps on giving! 

Coat No 1. 
Look 1 

In this look I’ve teamed the coat up with a knitted jumper and a chunky snood for an extra cold winter morning. As usual I have very minimal accessories, the heels are what really pull this look together. 

Tan coat: Boohoo

Knitted Jumper: Glassons NZ

Chunky Snood: Zara

Shoes: Christian Louboutin 

Bag: Michael Kors 
Look 2

This is my street style take on the tan coat. This look is perfect for autumn where the weather still allows you to go out without too many layers on. 

T-shirt: Cotton On

Jeans: Top Shop

Sneakers: Top Shop

What’s your favorite wardrobe staple? Are you a fan of the tan coat trend? Let me know down below.
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* Firstly I want to apologize for being MIA guys!!! I am soo sorry! Life has just been happening to a girl! I’ve been busy ‘Blooming where I’ve been planted’ but it’s a good kind of busy so I’m very grateful.* 

Today I want to talk about something I see happening a lot, something I think we can all relate to. 

How many times have you seen someone doing something you love, I’m talking that exact thing that you love. The exact dream that you think about each day and imagine yourself doing for a living. So here’s this person, they are living your exact dream and they’re making a living out of it. However, the problem is, maybe this person is not as good at this “thing” they’re doing and you know you could probably do an even better job than they’re currently doing. 

But here’s the catch (you’re gonna hate me for this) the only difference between You and ‘That person’ is that THEY 👏🏾PUT 👏🏾THEMSELVES 👏🏾OUT 👏🏾THERE!!!! 👏🏾 

Listen, there’s no point in harboring a talent or not going after your dreams but then dying a little inside for each day that goes by without you being any closer to your dreams. Because guess what, unless you stand up and show people – then no one will even know that you possess that talent. Eventually you will die and take your unused gift to the grave. Life is tough enough already, so believe me when I say there’s no one out there who’s walking around everyday hoping to stumble upon your talent. (Unless of course maybe you’re a Model in which case you could get Scouted) But otherwise You have to go out there and TAKE IT YOURSELF! You have to go out there and make it yours – against all odds!!! Swim against the tide if you have to. Sooner or later the current will flow in your favor. 

There’s nothing as sad as seeing wasted talent. Someone is 18 and they say to themselves “I’m too shy, what will people say if I fail”, next thing you’re 58 and stuck in a dead end job. You’re miserable and maybe it’s now too late to try and get into your desired industry! And you wish you had just tried “back then.”

Before I sign off I’ll tell you Two things: 

1) People will always laugh at things that seem foreign to them. It’s their personal way of dealing with their own mediocrity. Always remember that even if they laugh, they won’t laugh forever. After 2 minutes they’ll be laughing at the next thing to happen. That’s the nature of the human race. Do not be deterred by their opinions.

2) Time is the single most important thing in our lives. Time is inevitable. No matter how rich you are, you cannot pause time. Right now is the youngest you’ll ever be so do not waste another second. 1 year will turn into 2 years will turn into 10 years. Time goes by so quickly. You’ll look back in 10 years and wish you had just pursued that dream of yours. 

And you know what the worst part is? The fact that the person we spoke about at the beginning 👆🏾 will at this point have 10+ years of experience and is now recognized as a leader in that industry – yet you knew you had the potential to do waaay better than them. 

They put themselves out there. Do the same today, it’s not too late!
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Sunday is Pamper Day! 

One of the best things you could ever do for yourself is self care. We spend all our days caring for everyone around us – spouses, kids, parents, siblings, friends who need us. It’s such a great joy to be able to help the people you love but I believe that in order to give your best self you need to take care of you first. You are the source and your well being is so important because everything you do flows from it.

Every week I reserve Sunday as my day to rest, recuperate and recharge myself for the new upcoming week.

I call it my Pamper day. It’s nothing fancy, really easy to follow and it leaves me feeling relaxed and ready to take on the new week!

Image 1: Fresh faced, straight out of the shower 

Here’s what I do: 

Step 1: 

Deep exfoliation of my face 

I have Oily Combination skin and I for this I use the Clinique exfoliating scrub. It’s good for removing and dead skin cells whilst minimizing pores. 
Image 2: Clinique Exfoliating scrub

Step 2: 

Full body scrub 

A lot of people underestimate the importance of exfoliation the body too. It’s also bound to get dead skin so it’s good to exfoliate to rejuvenate the skin and the circular movements help with blood circulation too! 

For this I use the Beauty Factory’s Tissue Oil Salt and Sugar Body Scrub. I love the smell and it leaves my skin feeling silky soft and squeaky clean!

Image 3: Beauty Factory Tissue Oil Salt and Sugar Scrub 

Step 3:

Face Mask

On top of your standard/ daily 3 step (cleanse, tone, moisturize) it’s important to go the extra mile with a face mask at least once a week. Face masks help to hydrate the skin, pull out impurities, and keep your bare face glowing! 

I love trying out different sachet face masks which you can find at your local pharmacy. My favorite brand for these is the Montagne Jeunesse brand. They have a variety of masks for all skin types in many different flavours. They are affordable and my skin has taken really well to them.

I tried the Tea Tree and Spearmint cloth mask, my skin loved it and I’ve been using it since! I’m prone to breakouts and this has really helped. 

Image 4: Montagne Jeunesse Tea tree cloth mask 

After all of this I slip into some comfy pjs and watch a movie or read a good book. 

What’s your Sunday ritual? Let me know in the comments below.
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Summer style trends ✨

Summer is definitely my favorite time of the year. I get to soak up some much needed Vitamin D and enjoy the suns’ warm rays on my skin. 

It’s winter now on my end of the world and everyday I reminisce about summer and I countdown till it’s warm out again. If you’re anything like me then you also can’t stand the cold! 

This past summer I was crushing very hard on the Off shoulder top trend. I stocked up on several last summer (shhh…don’t tell my fiance) and they were always a go to outfit for me whenever I had somewhere “nice” to go. 

Look 1:

Source: Instagram (sandraxshe)

I love how you can dress them up or down just by simply throwing on a pair of heels and some accessories to complete the look. They give an ‘effortless chíc’ look which works for a lot of occasions. 

Look 2:

Source: Instagram (sandraxshe)
I’ve attached a few pics throughout the post, of how I styled some of my fave off shoulders. You’ll notice that in all of them I hardly added much to the look.

Look 3: 

Source: Instagram (sandraxshe)

Would you rock any of these looks? What summer trend are you currently crushing on? Let me know in the comments below! 
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Look 1:

White Off shoulder top – Zara 

Look 2: 

Striped off shoulder top – Hanellei  

Look 3: 

Denim off shoulder top – Supré

All jeans – Topshop

All handbags – Micheal Kors

Shoes – Novo NZ 

Bloom where you are planted 🌷

When the year began in 2017 I knew that I wanted to do things differently. Every year I welcome the new year by setting some resolutions. Every year I never complete those resolutions. Some of them I don’t even start on. This year I decided I would not continue doing something that has never served me in the past. 

 A typical Resolutions list lol (source: Google)

That is how Bloom where you are planted came into effect. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice that I mentioned this at the beginning of the year. Bloom where you are planted is more than just words, it is a state of mind; a way of life. It means making the most of what you’ve got in that very moment, at that very time, in that very place where you are. It means taking that ‘not enough’ that is available to you right now and making it work despite the odds. You are exactly where you are right now for a reason so make it work despite your circumstances.

Post on my Instagram (source: sandraxshe

I’m sure everyone would raise their hand if they were asked if there is something about their life they want to change right now. Everyone would say ‘I wish I was younger, thinner, richer, lived in a different part of the world’ etc. Does that sound familiar? Or more commonly ‘if I had more money / if I had more time, I would go after my dreams’. 

But the reality is that there is no point dwelling on things you can’t change. Don’t wish you were in a different city, had a different life, were a little bit younger or whatever else you’re wasting your time dwelling on. 
If you have a dream that you’ve been sitting on or postponing because you’re waiting for the ‘right time’ please believe me when I say there will never be a perfect time or a perfect place to start anything. Things are meant to be started amidst the chaos; amidst the uncertainty; amidst the ‘I don’t know where this is going but I’ll stick it out and find out’. That place my friend is where magic is created. Where genius is born! Where expectations are exceeded!!
                Start now! (source: Pinterest) 

I have been using Bloom where you are planted as my daily mantra since 2017 began and I can’t believe how much it’s changed my mindset- and my life – and how many opportunities I’ve received just from thinking this way. 

Many of you do not know that I live in New Zealand. I moved to New Zealand just two years ago from South Africa. (I am originally from Zimbabwe though.) When I moved here I struggled a lot with going after my passions. I did not know anyone here!! I had no network, no connections, no knowledge of how to get started on doing what I love. 

I had to start from scratch, I had to make new connections, build new networks, manouver the lay of the land. It took me ages!!! Everyday I wanted to go back to SA, go back to what I knew. Why did I have to work so hard to start from scratch when I already had something halfway done back at home??! 

It was soo hard for me to change my mindset. Until I started living by Bloom where you are planted. I realized that it’s not by mistake that I landed up here. There’s probably a reason much bigger than me as to why I’m here, and everyday more assurance of this is unfolding. So whilst I’m here I’m making the most of it, I do not waste my time dwelling on things I cannot control or change any longer. 

I’m going after all the things I always wanted despite where I am. 

Content!! (source Instagram: sandraxshe

This blog for example is a perfect example of this mantra. I’ve been meaning to start this blog for the past 2 years now. It was on my 2015 & 2016 resolutions list but I never got started. I always said I needed “a really good photographer, a better camera, a good shooting location before I start”. Whatever excuse you can think of I used it. 

But this year I decided enough was enough! I was going to start using exactly what I have right now (which is not much) and make it work. And to my astonishment, it has gone really well so far. I only have two posts published so far but my stats have been decent for a first timer. I’ve had over 300 visitors to the blog and more than 400 views on both my posts combined. I’m still working on that follower count but I am still so grateful – and overwhelmed – by all the support I’ve received since starting this blog!!! 😱

I want to say thank you to anyone who’s taken the time out to read what I post. Love and light to you all and remember to Bloom where you’ve been planted.

Till next post!



How I got rid of my dark marks 

*NB: Contains graphic images*

So when it comes to the products I use on my skin I am very loyal. Once I find something that my skin loves, I’m not wavering. Don’t get me wrong, I love loove trying out new products and treatments (as you’ll soon find out on this blog) but mostly when I try out a new product it’s to “add to my regimen” rather than to change it. Unless, of course the regimen isn’t working!So I love adding new stuff to my current regimen to get the most out of it. 

Image 1: Beauty Factory Tissue Oil range
But one regimen that has remained untouched and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future is my body cream. I use the Beauty Factory’s Tissue Oil Body range and I absolutely looove it!! I’ve been using this cream since 2012 when they opened up a branch at Clearwater Mall in Johannesburg. And I haven’t wavered!! It is the Holy grail of cream for me. 

Image 2: Shortly after the bites

The Tissue Oil range was my saving grace in 2014 when I relocated to Cape Town from Johannesburg and had a nasty allergic reaction to some insect found there (come to think of it, to this day I still do not know exactly what that insect was 🤔) The bites left me with dark marks all over my back, I was distraught! I started applying the Tissue Oil Body Caviar and the Tissue Oil to my marks every night before bed and a few drops too in my bath. After about a month the marks were visibly faded and shortly after vanished completely. I cannot recommend this Oil enough!! Lawd!! 🙌🏾 You know those girls whom you ask where they bought the cute dress they’re wearing and they suddenly can’t remember?? I’m not one of those girls!! If I know a good product or a great discount happening somewhere you probably have to pay to shut me up! Sharing is caring guys!! Don’t be that person. 

Image 3: Bites healed , and scars already fading from daily use of Tissue Oil 
Image 4: After 2 months scars were completely faded

Anyway back to the reason for this post. I’ve been using the Tissue Oil Body Range since 2012 and what I love most about it is that they have a Body Soufflé and Body Lotion for the summer when it’s hot and you want something light and sheer then they also have the Body Butter which is thicker in consistency and better for winter days when you want something that will nourish dry skin and lock in the moisture. The Caviar and the Tissue Oil are perfect all year round and help with those stubborn marks which creep up from time to time. They recently introduced a Sugar Body Scrub to the range which I use once a week in the shower and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and exfoliated. 

When I moved to New Zealand from South Africa I tried to order some online only to find out that they didn’t have an online store running yet. In a panicked frenzy I called the head office and asked if they wouldn’t mind posting some to me as I’m about to run out and I’m all the way in NZ. They were very accommodating and we managed to arrange a special order just for me! lol 

I hear their online shop is now running which is a huge relief!! 

I find their tag line “From me to me, with love” very fitting. ❤️ 

Till next post!

xx Sandra 
P.s This is not a sponsored post, just giving credit where it’s due. 

Beauty Factory website: http://beautyfactory.co.za/

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience with the cream on my scars. Results may vary for each individual 

Evening Glam ✨

70% of my wardrobe is made up of neutral colors. You’ll mostly find white, black, nude or grey if you go through my closet. So when the time came to go shopping for an outfit for our Engagement party you can imagine that naturally I gravitated towards my “safe” colors. 

The owner of Fuschia Boutique in Newmarket wasn’t having any of that though, she urged me to “just try” a little bit of color because “what’s the worst thing that can happen?” Tag teaming with one of my closest friends I quickly realised it’s a battle I wouldn’t win. Soo I threw caution to the wind and I tried on a couple of – as I like to call them – ‘coloured dresses’. My my was I pleasantly surprised!! Most colours looked amaaazing!! 

So fast forward eight dresses later I tried on “the one”. Ladies you know that feeling when you try on “thee dress” and all your questions are answered and you don’t even want to bother trying on the rest because you and that garment just bonded?? Yes!! That feeling! That’s the one I had when I tried on this red number from the J’adore collection. 

I always dismissed red as being soo loud!! but red on this dress gave that “I have arrived” feeling. Which I guess is a good feeling to have when it’s your own party, right?! Lol 

I’ve recreated the look I had on my Engagement party as I was not able to get any good pics on the night of just the dress (family and photobombers). I used minimal accessories and plain nude heels as I feel the look doesn’t need too much added to it. 

Would you rock this look? Leave a comment below and tell me if it’s a hit or a miss in your books! 

Till next post!

xx Sandra 
Dress: J’adore collection Fuschia Boutique www.fuschia.co.nz

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Neck piece: Lovisa NZ  

Watch: Michael Kors

Purse: Nine West